We are a team of experts in various disciplines of astrology. Discover personalized astrology readings online through our website. We are practicing fortune consultancy services by providing professional services and consultation to our clients and have expertise in various traditions of astrology, which deals with the analyzing charts and horoscopes. We disseminate future predictions to worldwide clients. Through astrology, numerology, tarot and vastu, we prepare stunning reports, contains predictions for health, wealth, family, marriage, profession, career, finance, business and more. Our website focuses on moving beyond one’s daily horoscope. Plenty of casting tools like tarot, numerology, astrology, dowsing are applied to our clients with personalized readings. Enriching daily horoscopes and life reports are useful to make your day. Offering an enlightening study of stars and their influence on living, loving and learning. The widest variety of divination available anywhere today. Personalized astrology readings, based on your birth data, is helpful for every stage of your life. We continued to work towards augmenting our engagement and relationship with our valued clients. We also continued rolling our products and services to make your shopping experience even more convenient, safe and rewarding. We introduced loads of application on most social networks, that allows you to access the unique features of fortune tools. We further expanded our group activities and networks so that we can serve you better. We now have more visitors and new buyers across the country. We also have a support team to serve instantaneously. We consistently leverage technology to introduce innovative products and services. We won prestigious award for innovation in astrology last year.

We were awarded this honour for having the active participation in an online predictions for events. This would not have been possible without your support, and we are grateful to you all for grand response. As we grow, we continue to adhere to our core philosophy of giving back to society. We look forward to continuing to partner with you in your growth.



Mr. Pratish Thaker – the president of Destiny Group – is a person of high caliber, tremendous wisdom and exhaustive knowledge of astrology and has given a substantial contribution to the society. He keenly studied the prescience and occultism, too. His interest soon turned into a line of work regarded intuitive vision, which he continued, even at the present time. This is a boon in disguise as he got a chance to experience these incredible fields judiciously. Along with his busy professional practice, he is dedicated researcher in the application of predictive astrology. He occupies astrology as inventive tool rather than as a fatalistic prophecy. He has been prominent in changing a lot of people’s life by fortune counselling with global divination techniques. Being a soothsayer he counsels many companies. He has data bank of all the charts of his clients, which he has analyzed till date and he keeps updating them of ephemeral planetary influence. His candor and honesty is quite inspiring. Mr. Pratish is recognized as a worldwide expert in the field of scientific astrology through designing a method of brainwave cultivation. Your brain semi-consciously releases incomparable frequencies to the world, that can be used to balance the chaos (a behavior of complete disorder and confusion) of mind, body and soul. He practiced capturing the thoughts of people through telepathy in case of psychological disintegration. Very few astrologers are versatile in so many areas of applied astrology. Being an expert analyst, he derived techniques for altering states of human consciousness through optimal healing. So, you may easily banish all negative emotions and harsh memories. Get rid of non-rhythmic patterns of disruptive behavior of mind. He made experiments to understand the exasperation act of your psyche. His inquisitive hunger to know deep about human nature, culture and religions would lead him visits different communities and countries. Most importantly, he acclaimed because of his innovative work in the field of discovering destiny.

He desperately hunted for intangible vision of predictive accuracy over the most area of human life. Being a practicing astrologer he can tell you how to be cherished enough to meet your needs or even when you will have crucial times relating to your finances or family. His views and opinions are courteously respected and published in many leading magazines of the nation periodically. Got incredible support and loads of appreciation from the people for his work with a motto of “trouble-free realm”. He helps strengthening your spirit to live stress-free life. He has skill to unravel the grave issues with both wit and warmth. His demand is growing fast during last decade; a meeting with him is assured to be memorable. He offers personal empowerment through inscrutable canons of fortune tools. He conveys new sphere to astrology with his forte to encounter very difficult task in the field of Astro-remedial services.

Mr. Pratish comes from the well-cultured Brahmin family having a background of astrology. He imparted his great deal of knowledge to people through consultations, personal visits, and the way of internet. He shares his experience and savvy gumption for the benefit of others. He entertained global societies with great panache to combine ancient wisdom of astrology with a modern era. That brought him a better position to properly understand the individual needs. He used global divination methods for casting predictions with aim of keeping alive the treasure of  astrology to a new generation. Belonging to no particular tradition, he incorporates what is most valid for the modern seekers.

Mr. Pratish Thaker brought the wisdom of astrology to a new level of understanding. Get insight to success and happiness. His personal guidance improved the thousands of lives, so far. Have a glorious path of victory and joy within your reach. He is person with unique motivations, drives and challenges. He will help you develop your own route map to the path of destiny. Get suitable guidelines on every phase of your life. Mr. Pratish has refined his skills through practicing regular meditation, as well as working consciously on his personal development. This gives him an ability to help others with precision and compassion. He holds massive command over predictive astrology combined with remedial techniques, using charms as a means of healing and strengthening the aura – energy fields. He achieved new frontiers by launching this web site on the year 2005. He is divine healer and profound analyst of our times. He started finding solutions to the problems with energy balance and healing. It has already made considerable awareness and is yet doing a very good work. His sympathetic approach gives you confidence, clarity and calm. He prepares you face your life with improved strength and enthusiasm.

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Numerology is a study of mystical relationship between numbers and the character or action of physical objects and living things. Get the power of numerology directly to you if you want to know the lucky numbers, fortunate dates, favorable age of year to your family, friends and relatives with more resources. Need more? We also offer some modifiers where you can change the spellings of names and alter the titles of your business.

Vastu means an architectural science. Vastu is an ancient tool to help you get natural benefits through basic elements of the universe in which we all live. Vastu is all about an adaptable symmetry to human life. Vastu recommendations may help you minimize problems faced in a family. Vastu contains five elements. Vastu can be applied in the form of basic elements of nature. It is an edifice science that was developed by seers thousands of years ago. Its application today is purely architectural and its principles are based on becoming one with nature.