Every person is surrounded by an invisible energy field, made up of a unique set of atoms and vibrations.  Each person’s energy field is different. The human energy field is always receiving energy from the universe, and this energy sustains every aspect of your existence – your body, mind and emotions. The energy field is also commonly called the aura. You can think of the aura as a skin that holds the inner energy bodies and the outer body together. Chakras are like the pores in that skin, and they regulate the flow of universal energy both into and out of the body. The physical body comes about as a result of the energy field, so a distortion or imbalance in the field will eventually result in a disease or condition in the physical body. If you can heal these distortions or imbalances in the energy field, you can bring about healing in the physical body.

Meditation is an unbroken or incessant flow of the idea of the object that is concentrated upon. If you close your eyes when you try to concentrate and mentally visualize the picture of the object, it is called concrete meditation. Concrete meditation on an object is necessary for an untrained mind, in the beginning. If you meditate on an abstract idea, it will constitute Nirguna meditation. For beginners whose minds are engrossed in and filled with passions and impurities, meditation on a form is absolutely necessary. Any concrete form such as a idol is indispensable during meditation. Without undergoing a course of concrete meditation in the beginning, especially for the ordinary type of people, it is absolutely impossible to start Nirguna meditation at the very outset. The mind is so framed as it demands a form to cling to.