Zodiac is a key part of an astrological chart and represents your general disposition. It is determined just by the day and month of your birth and provides the entire information about you and your life. It delivers information about how you treat things, interact with the world or look after emotions and interactions. These aspects of your being are reflected by other celestial bodies and their pursuits. Zodiac is the most important aspect of astrology in determining personality. Zodiac signs are determined by an individual’s date of birth. Your zodiac sign represents your basic instinct. There are hundreds of variables to take into consideration while reckoning chart of zodiac. It represents the sign of the zodiac that the Sun was in at the time of birth. Zodiac comprises 12 different signs. The position of the Sun in the sky is the easiest astrological observation to make. This is because throughout the year, the Sun moves approximately one degree each day and so it is possible to be precise about its position at any given date. It was this ease that made it possible for newspapers in the 1930s to popularise astrology via the horoscopes they began to publish, setting the Sun’s dates at the beginning and end of each sign of the zodiac, and making astrological predictions for each of the Sun signs.

Zodiac is a plane in which the Sun resided on the person’s birth date. It delivers information about how you treat things, interact with the world or look after emotions and interactions. The Sun is the most powerful of all the stellar bodies. It colors the personality so strongly that an amazingly accurate picture can be given of the individual who was born when it was exercising its power through the known and predictable influences of a certain astrological sign. These electro-magnetic vibrations will continue to stamp that person with the characteristics of his Sun sign as he goes through life. The Sun isn’t the only factor in analyzing human behavior and traits, but it’s easily the most important single consideration. In the absence of a natal chart, this is a far ahead of any other known quick, reliable method of analyzing people and learning to understand human nature. Sun sign is a particular zone of the zodiac – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc. – in which the Sun was located at the moment you drew your first breath, an exact position taken from a set of tables called an ephemeris, calculated by astronomers.

Know about the twelve houses of the zodiac:

  1. Self image, physical characteristics, personal concerns
  2. Finances, possessions, material values
  3. Close relations, mental activities, all kinds of communication, short journeys
  4. The family, parents, early environment, deep psychological matters
  5. Children, creativity, pleasures, love affairs, speculation, hobbies and sports
  6. Work, service, health, fellow workers and working conditions
  7. Marriage, partnerships, relationships, enemies, the public
  8. Finances and recourses of others, inheritances, emotional values, birth, death, sex and regeneration
  9. Philosophy, law, religion, Expansion of self through mental, spiritual or physical exploration, travel, foreign lands
  10. The career, reputation, social status, public image. Highest achievements in life
  11. Hopes and wishes, friends and acquaintances, long-term objectives, love received
  12. The sub-conscious (inner mind), psychic, that which is hidden, mysteries, sacrifice, mysticism