Chart Rectification is an essential parameter in astrology where birth details are unknown, or where this is only approximate. This special method generates an accurate birth chart that consequently you can use for further study. Certain information will be required for an effective rectification and this will be discussed with you directly. Well, rectification of birth time is difficult but crucial function of astrology. It is always difficult to get exact time of childbirth. A correct birth time is the basis for all Vedic astrological services.

In astrology one of the most vital aspects is correct accessibility of a birth time. It is really difficult for an astrologer to knowing the birth time. Without knowing birth time founding of a birth chart is not possible. Birth time is important because the planetary and cosmic forces that govern astrology are in constant motion. If you are not sure about your correct birth time, then a rectification is necessary. Generally the date and place of birth in most of the cases are informally evident, but the same could not be said about the time of birth. This is due to various reasons.

  • You haven’t any clues to find your correct birth time?
  • Would you like to spot your birth data?
  • Would you like to know what time of the day you were born?
  • Did you forget your birth time?
  • Do you have any means to check on your exact time?

It is always sensible for an astrologer to primarily verify the horoscope given to him/her for predictions. The prime and step for judging the accuracy of the horoscope is to reckon the main events that have already happened in the life of the native after going through planetary periods and transits. If the events cross the line with the practical experience then astrologer stirred to believe that the horoscope is correct. That is too tough to rectify the erroneous birth time resolving the correct birth time after analyzing the life events of an individual. Accurate forecasts depend on precision of the birth chart.

There are three basic prerequisites for calculating of any birth chart: –

  1. Birth Date (Day – Month – Year)
  2. Birth Time (AM / PM)
  3. Birth Place (Location Landmarks with Place / State / Province / Country)

In case of not knowing the three parameters, we need to rectify the chart calculations. By resolving the correct birth time, a bit easier to analyze the life events of any individual. Accurate forecasts depend on precision of the birth chart. Although the rectification of birth time is really a tough job, but finding nearby birth-time by trial and error process is a unique practice. If you don’t know your birth time but want a forecast for advice on any relationship; then you may ask for chart rectification services.
There are various modules in rectifying astrology:

  • Event based Rectification
  • Birth Time Rectification from chart
  • Birth Time Rectification with 30 minutes offset
  • Birth Time Rectification with 1 hour offset

Find services specializing in birth time rectification. Rectification methods are used to conclude the birth time when it is unknown or uncertain. Time and place determine the two parameters of the chart what is called Ascendant and Midheaven respectively. The correct birth time is essential for accuracy in prediction, relocation and other chart interpretations. These measures are matched with the horoscope and if these match with the time provided then the time is correct otherwise the chart needs rectification which is done accordingly. If the events do not tone with the horoscope then it requires chart rectification. The practitioner  can detect whether the offset span of the time is lesser or greater with a simple spontaneous consequence of the horoscope. The difference of even some minutes can affect the accuracy of your predictions depending upon the specifics of your irreplaceable instant. Alternatively, if the horoscope is not representing the happening of the actions, the astrologer is determined to systematize a correct horoscope then the astrologer should apply the theory of ruling planets. This theory gives very precise results.

If you can’t locate the exact moment of birth, try to find as close as you can. Proper sources of birth time information are your birth certificate, your parents or the hospital records where you were born. If you’re oblivious to fathom your birth time, then do not fret. You have come to the right place. We can rectify your birth time and come to your correct birth time. You only need to provide us ambiguous information of birth details together with a fairly accurate time of your birth. You can tell any practitioner whether you were born in morning, noon, evening or night etc. In conjunction with these details you need to clear them some of your events which happened in your life in past along with the approximate time/day/month.