Electional astrology has to do with selecting or electing the best possible times to initiate important activities or events in your life. Anytime we start anything, this event will have a birth chart, and the characteristics of this moment in time will reflect the nature of the experience. You can use electional astrology for any significant event in your life. Electional astrology is the art of choosing a specific date and times to maximize the successful launching of a business, marriage, trip or any event or enterprise. It is particularly important when choosing a time for elective surgery or other medical procedures. Timing is everything so get an electional astrology reading for some important event to start or schedule it. Know the best day for their commencements and planning by muhurta.

Muhurta consists of electional moment of time involves thorough study of horoscope of the person who has to perform the activity. Muhurta is a branch of  electional astrology that deals with the selection of favorable moments. Muhurta is a moment or a time most auspicious for a particular occasion or instigation of any proceedings. Examine general time period to know the most suitable day, hours, minutes and sometimes seconds for your activity. Muhurta is an instance of time where planetary positions rested in positive directions to start an endeavor.


Muhurta is calculated on account of several factors reminiscent of category of concerned job with horoscope of an individual who has to perform the enterprise on such a time when the specific planetary position like lunar day, constellations and hora may auspicious when to be performed. By getting a muhurta chart can be made, you ensure that you’re not going against natural forces and beginning an auspicious and important task when all cosmic powers are propitious.


Muhurta is essential for your good and not-so-good days. During muhurta you should commence the action for which muhurta is looked up. Any work commenced during a favorable star, will always bring positive results. An auspicious phase of time signifies divine blessings and the good fortune to follow. When a muhurta is calculated as per the horoscope of an individual, the results can be very glorious. Bear muhurta is available daily and are available in span of few minutes and the task should commence in this particular time span.


Find services on electional astrology. Get conclusive tips of muhurta, emphasizes the practical measurement, so that you can benefit from this tradition to decide about timing of each day’s activities plus important events such as weddings, grand openings, ground breaking, travelling and so forth.

  • Applying for visa
  • Appointments
  • Betting / Speculation
  • Borrow / Land money
  • Business Deals
  • Business Transactions
  • Buying New Attires
  • Buying / Selling of Real Estate
  • Construction / Building Activity
  • Educational Activity / Admissions
  • Employment
  • Engagement
  • Forceful actions
  • Forwarding profiles
  • Important submissions
  • Inauguration of new house
  • Initiation / Inauguration
  • Interview / Conference / Meeting
  • Journey / Travelling
  • Launching new company
  • Legal proceedings / Notices
  • Love & Relationships
  • Loans or Investments
  • Marriage / Wedding
  • Money acquaintances
  • Moving into new place
  • New business start
  • New job start
  • New postings
  • Partnership
  • Purchase / Sell of new vehicle
  • Purchase of machine
  • Rahukaalam
  • Start new medicine
  • Start religious ceremonies
  • Stocks dealings
  • Surgery / Caesarean
  • Transfer / Replacement
  • Venture / Undertaking
  • Web communication
  • Miscellaneous