Find services specializing in Mayan astrology. Mesoamerican astrology, like Western astrology, Indian astrology, or Chinese astrology, defines a particular astrological orientation characteristic of a cultural region. Much like the civilizations of China, India and the ancient Near East, the early Americans of Mesoamerica (Mexico and parts of Central America) developed their own form of astrology, called the astrology of time.

The reading is the outcome of spending several years of historical investigation, deep thought, and trial and error experimentation to revive this ancient science. The results in the form of personality descriptions provide compelling, life-enhancing insight into who you really are. The uses of the minor name asteroids are receiving a great deal of attention with some astrologers since they provide very precise meanings and add depth to chart interpretations.

Mesoamerican culture is defined as encompassing the many civic and ceremonial centers located in what is today Mexico and northern Central America. These ancient and in some cases also modern cultures include the Mayan, Toltec and Aztec peoples. Their heritage to us is Mayan astrology, rich in cultural tradition.