Relocation astrology determines the probable conditions one will encounter in a different place from where you were born. Several techniques are used including astrology maps, local space, geodetic maps and traditional relocation techniques. This reading is recommended when you need to make a choice for residential moves, business locations and business advertising or just for a vacation.

Astro Cartography is one of the most exciting concepts to come out of astrology in the recent renaissance of astrology. When you move to another location – to settle down or for a holiday or just travelling through, different parts of your birth chart are stimulated. Astro Cartography is a means of discovering where in the world you are affected and how. Not only can you understand what forces influence you in your present location but Astro Cartography can show you the best places on Earth to pursue your dreams, find spiritual growth, improved health, love and romance, prosperity or adventure.

Relocation Astrology (Astrocartography) is an astrological system developed and popularized by American astrologer Jim Lewis (1941-1995). The maps show all locations on the earth where planets were angular (rising, setting, upper transit, lower transit) at the moment of a person’s birth. These maps are widely used to plan for relocation or travel. Other techniques used for this purpose include local space mapping, relocated birth charts and city incorporation charts. If the person were born at any of these locations, the corresponding planet would be said to be prominent and influential in the chart. Jim Lewis took this basic astrological idea one step further by postulating that if a person later travels or visits such an angular location, the planet would have a similar prominent role in the person’s experience of that location.

Relocation Astrology or Astrocartography relocates your natal birth chart for the different localities on the globe. The potential in the natal birth chart can be enhanced or limited to a certain extent depending on where we live. The thing to remember is that regardless of where we live, we take ourselves, the potential of the natal chart, with us. You can optimize your potential by living in your best localities astrologically through a relocation analysis. However, your chart relocated for different localities does modify for better or worse the potential in the natal chart. For this reason, it makes sense to live in an ideal location. Where we live makes a significant difference in our lives for more reasons. Whatever your chief intent is, relocating your ultimate site can help make it happen for you. A better locality can make it easier to resolve certain issues and express more of our potential. Different areas of your life become emphasized with latitude and longitude changes. If you’re really interested to move on to a new place then tell us your birth information and most lovable locations. Whatever your objectives in life, relocating to your ideal locality can help make it happen!