Dowsing is a type of divination employed in attempts to locate ground water, buried metals or ores, gemstones, oil, grave sites, and many other objects and materials, as well as so-called currents of earth radiation (ley lines), without the use of scientific apparatus. Radiesthesia is known as pallomancy, dowsing or water-witching: It is the use of a pendulum, divining rods or other extensions of the body for divination work in answering questions, to measure radiations from a given object or person to find the actual location of a person, place, thing, or element or in answering yes or no questions. The term “Radiesthesia” has been derived from the Latin word “radius” – ray, and the Greek “aesthesis” – sensitivity. It describes the sensitivity to different kind of radiations or vibrations and our ability to search for it. A Radiesthesist is a person adept at using a pendulum or other tools, for sensing unseen energies, to access the Intuition and gather information not directly available to the rational thinking part of our conscious mind. We all know people who are very successful in one area of their lives but dismal failures in others. For instance, someone might be at the top of his or her field professionally, but have a string of broken relationships. Someone else may be very intellectual, but totally out of touch with his or her feelings, and so on. If we are out of tune this way, we can rectify the situation with our pendulum! It helps us to know which areas are being neglected and need special attention by use of pendulum.

The pendulum reads exact energy patterns. Every living thing is surrounded by energy, some good and some bad. We can easily sense and distinguish different energies. Our nervous system is the communication system in our bodies. The brain gets its information through the nervous system and then transmits that information back. Hence, we may feel drawn towards someone without knowing why. To use a pendulum to answer questions regarding an object not present is called teleradiesthesia. There are pendulums, which posses healing abilities. Kirlian Photography supports this thesis. There are pendulums for general use, allowing detection of underground water veins or geopathic zones. Some peendulums are also designed to help with specific tasks. By careful selection of materials and shapes they have better sensitivity and intensity of generated emission. The research work on vibrations, colors and frequencies proved that by using simple tool of dowsing anyone can get amazing effects. Dowsing provides some effective ways to approach environmental and medical problems.