The structure and imagery of tarot decks are used for spiritual, esoteric, psychological, occult and/or divinatory purposes. In Tarot divination, results can be achieved with analysis of just one card, but, for more thoroughness, combinations of several cards in set patterns are usually used. These patterns are called spreads or layouts. In many readings the querent shuffles the cards, and then the reader lays out the cards in a pattern called a “layout” or “spread”. A well-known spread is the Celtic cross.

The cards are then analysed according to their positions, their individual divinatory meanings, their relationships, and whether the cards are upside-down (“reversed”). If the reader uses the interpretation technique of reversals, a reversed card has its own set of modified meanings and/or modified energies; a reversed card’s meaning may sometimes be the opposite of the upright card meaning, sometimes weakened, and sometimes twisted. There are many different spreads, although the Celtic cross is often taught to beginners as their first spread, despite the complexity of it and the availability of simpler, more easily manageable spreads.

More experienced practitioners will sometimes use their own spreads, assigning their own meanings to the relevant positions represented. Tarot and astrology are different but work very well collectively. Tarot can be used in conjunction with astrology, or on its own. It consists different sorts of spread or layouts. Terra Readings manifest your wish, future fortune, work and career and spiritual guidance. The reading covers the lot in your luck often help you resolving problems promptly. It reveals your life truths what indicating possibilities and opportunities in front. A profound tarot reading may enlighten your life path to the lead.