Every one is aspiring for having sound health, beautiful wife, healthy children, wealth, means of earning through business, profession or state service, high reputation in society and over all mental and spiritual peace. The sea animals and amphibians prepare a dwelling place on the sea shore, the birds build nests in the trees, the insects make a hive, and human beings are ambitious for making a house on the earth where all the liabilities towards this world and towards heaven can be fulfilled without any disturbance and trouble. Therefore, aware of the need of a house and in order to avoid troubles, man wants to construct a house on such a ground where he can feel all sorts or happiness and can lead a peaceful life free of troubles and enemies, thereby deriving spiritual peace.
With this aim in your mind, when you set out in search of the learned people who can guide you in selecting a site (plot) of your choice, and also in construction of the house. You want to know the proper auspicious time, and principles (laws) of constructing the house. Also you prefer colony or city, neighborhood, sources of water, natural environment, means of transport, etc. while selecting a plot for building a house, at the same time you think of your own interests and profits. The external features of the plot can be known with the help of persons living around or nearby the flat. But the quality and nature of the land can be judged only by vastu principles. Therefore the selection of a site and the plan of the building is constructed only after consultation and seeking advice of expert vastu specialist is required.